Did you know that you can greatly increase the vacuum hold down by surfacing your sacrificial MDF cutting surface? MDF has a protective sealant on both sides of the board limiting the airflow created by your vacuum and causing less than sufficient material hold down power. First surface the top of the MDF board, then flip the board over and do the same to the other side. You will be amazed at the increase of material hold down force. Keeping a nice flat cutting surface is crucial to productive routing, every so often you should resurface your sacrificial MDF to get the most out of your CLN Router.


Did you know your router table should be greased every week? One of the keys to protecting your investment is to properly maintain your tables bearing cars and Ball Screw. You router table has several grease points and we recommend greasing them once a week. Each bearing car has a grease fitting and there are two grease fittings on the Ball Screw that controls the Z Axis. Get into the habit of greasing your machine once a week and you will greatly prolong the life of your router.


Did you know that most of the time when a CNC Router Table Operator breaks a bit, the first thing they do is slow down the feed rate. With a little research about the router bit that you are using, you might be able to greatly increase your productivity and prolong the life of your tooling. Typically the manufacture of the router bit will have specs for the bit and what type of material that you should be cutting with that bit. Also most importantly a formula that you can use to correctly calculate the RPM and feed rate for the bit. Read More...


Did you know, the 2010 notching machine prepares each return with easily identifiable bending instructions? Making it simple to bend the return by hand with CLN’s Manual Bender. This is the most affordable and efficient way to manufacture Channel Letters.


Did you know that the CLN Autobender is the world’s only Roll Forming Channel Letter Bending Machine? Competitors form their radiuses by bump bending them until the form the radius of the letter. The CLN Autobender forms the letters radius by swiftly rolling the return out of the machine using its patented roll forming technology. This technique limits wear on the return giving you a smooth desirable finish. In addition to the flawless finish, your letter will be formed in a fraction of the time it would take by bump bending. The evidence is explicit. Read More...


Did you know that anywhere from 40-60% of machine travel is above the material? This means that 40-60% of machine travel is spent in rapid traverse. In a world where time is money, your machine can make you more money by being faster. A CLN Router equipped with servos will travel at 3,500 IPM. If your machine is any slower, you are leaving a lot of time and money on the table. Our tables can also be adjusted to travel slower for the faint of heart. Our tables can also be equipped with safety shut down mats to prevent personnel injury. Talk to a CLN Router representative today for more info (877-256-1043).


Did you know that the first step when you decide to route something on your CLN Router, is to set up your material. On a CLN Router, we make this process a breeze. The first thing you will want to do is locate your material corner. To do this simply jog a router bit over the corner or area you wish to make XY Zero. Once you have the machine in this position, press “Set Corner”. This will now be our “Home” location. The next thing we must do is set our material height. For machines with an ATC, simply jog the machine somewhere over the material and press “Probe Material”. Read More...


Did you know that all CLN Routers come with Hands Free Tool Calibration? That’s right, no more need for that piece of paper you have been waving under your router bit, no more guessing, no more human error. Let the machine do all of the precise measurements for you. Simply load your tool(s) and press “Calibrate Tool”. Now, sit back and watch the machine do all the rest. The machine will store the tool offset, so there is no need to recalibrate every time you turn on the machine. “Set it and, forget it”


Did you know that all CLN Automatic tool changing machines come with ATC Collision Protection? This means that your machine has the ability to protect itself from user error. Before preforming a tool change the machine will check to make sure the spot it is trying to unload a tool is empty. Likewise it will make sure there is a tool in the spot that it is trying to load a tool from. This ingenious tool changing routine will save you from crashing your machine and causing serious damage to either the machine or your tools. CLN tool changing machines also drop into low torque mode while changing tools to further prevent damage in case of an obstruction. Read More...


Did you know that CLN Router Tables come with a built in table surfacing feature. With one click your machine will surface the entire table top and set your machine bed, and your machine will never pass this limit. This will ensure that you never cut deeper than desired, saving your spoilboard as well as eliminating the threat of ruining your phenolic. We recommend that you surface both sides of your MDF spoilboard to ensure maximum material hold down.

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