Did you know that all CLN Automatic tool changing machines come with ATC Collision Protection? This means that your machine has the ability to protect itself from user error. Before preforming a tool change the machine will check to make sure the spot it is trying to unload a tool is empty. Likewise it will make sure there is a tool in the spot that it is trying to load a tool from. This ingenious tool changing routine will save you from crashing your machine and causing serious damage to either the machine or your tools. CLN tool changing machines also drop into low torque mode while changing tools to further prevent damage in case of an obstruction. In the rare case of a malfunction, your machine will still be safe during a collision because it will be in low torque mode. Consider this like the airbags on your car, you hope you never need them, but you’ll be glad you had them in the event of an accident.

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