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CLN Notcher and The CNC Auto Bender

Due to the production of the new “FUSION” and the “FUSION PLUS” Channel Letter Machines.

The CLN 1510 and 2010 Notchers along with the CNC Auto Bender are sold in refurbish condition only, when supplies are available. 

The CLN Notchers are a perfect introductory machine design to layout your metal return.  They have been a Workhorse in the sign industry for over 20 years.

To enhance your fabrication department the CNC Auto Bender was developed the roll forming technology turn the channel letter fabrication machine business upside down. CLN created the fastest bending machine in the channel letter industry. 

CLN will take these machines in on a trade-in, then we refurbish them, bring them up to today standard with the latest computers and electronics. 

The CLN notchers produces perfect returns out of coiled stock that are prenotched / flanged and with bending instructions. Bend this by hand with the CLN 6″ vertical hand bender or slip it into the CNC Auto Bender and increase your production.

CNC Notcher




Layout returns like never before

Auto Bender




Take a look at how fast you can start making letters

CLN 2010 & CNC Auto Bender

Export a standard DXF file to the CLN 2010 machine.

Select a letter ,set the start point and press Run Tool.

The machine does the rest.



  • Router bit curfing loss compensation

  • Multiple letter capabilities

  • Continuous job setting

  • Control Point Filter

  • Radius notch control

  • Segmented letter setting

  • Windows-based computer

  • One Year Warranty on parts and In-House Labor

  • and more!


  • Return Depth 2” to 12”

  • Return Thickness 0.063-0.032  Aluminum

  • Letter height unlimited

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