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CLN Quick Trim

The CLN Quick Trim Machine

Produces perfect trim out of coil stock that is prenotched to the exact degree with an articulating cutting head.

This allows the trim to wrap around your plastics faces with easy. The machine also inserts a small dimple for the reverse bends.


CLN has come up with the prefect way to increase your produce in the plastic department. This CNC machine has a robust frame that holds a sophisticated electronic panel. This allows you to move faster thru every job. 

Machine Capabilities:

Trim Depth 1″ to 2″

Letter height unlimited


Export a standard DXF file to the Quick Trim Machine

Select a letter, set the start point, press Run Tool and the machine does the rest.

Letter Layout Process:

User friendly software in a Windows environment.

Equipped with an encoder for exact linear positioning, router bit curfing loss compensation.

Multiply letter run, continuous job run. control point filter.

Bend degree control, divide letter and more more.

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