Did you know that the first step when you decide to route something on your CLN Router, is to set up your material. On a CLN Router, we make this process a breeze. The first thing you will want to do is locate your material corner. To do this simply jog a router bit over the corner or area you wish to make XY Zero. Once you have the machine in this position, press “Set Corner”. This will now be our “Home” location. The next thing we must do is set our material height. For machines with an ATC, simply jog the machine somewhere over the material and press “Probe Material”.

Your machine will then unload the tool (if one is loaded) and come back to the same location it was in when you pressed “Probe Material”, then engage the Material Probe. The Probe will slowly lower down until it touches the top on the material. For machines without an ATC, simply use the calibrated router bit in your spindle, place the Material Calibration Block on top of the material and directly underneath the tool, and press “Material Height”. The machine will then lower down until the router bit touches the block and then revert. That’s all there is to it, your material is now ready to be cut into something profitable!

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